About Us

We are a fully dedicated team working to make the job market in Ethiopia better. Using our advanced digital platforms, we are on the way to becoming a place where work is redefined. We provide a reasonably priced platform for employers where they come to find competent employers. We enable the employers to post different job types so the people can have a variety of work in their realm. We are proud to be home for all kinds of jobs.
Our story / How it all started
We founded freelance ethiopia in march, 2018. We were looking for freelancers and employees for our other businesses and there was no platform which enabled us to do so. In the spirit of being part of the solution, we decided to create our own job posting platform. What started out as just a job posting platform now has grown into a big ecosystem where people make consistent money through our platform. When we first entered the job market there was no affordable job posting site where the small to medium enterprises can find a competent employee for their businesses.
The road so far,
Afriwork uses telegram as its main platform with over 165K subscribers, by utilizing a telegram channel and a telegram bot. The channel is where you would search for convenient and updated job posts. On the other hand, our advanced telegram bot is the medium through which you could register to the system, submit your credentials, apply for job posts, post jobs or for employers to meet with their employees. We are also developing a website and mobile application with exciting and powerful new features. The features will be developed based on the surveys/research we conduct as well as the data we analyzed so we can build a product that our target audience not only wants but needs.
Afriwork Mobile app is a mobile application which will be available both on apple’s app store and android’s google play store. It will include various languages and a customizable profile. You can also set up screening questions and chat among the employers and applicants. Afriwork Web app is going to be the most powerful afriwork platform yet. It will enable advanced features for both the employer and job seeker to increase the chances of finding the right fit for both. You can do anything you can do on the afriwork app and more. It will take us steps further in creating an ecosystem where work strives.
Our mission
  • Creating an easy, cost efficient, time saving and fully automated digital hiring platform for companies.
  • We are striving with a mission to create an effective and efficient communication hub for employers to find the best potential professionals.
  • Achieving accurate job match by creating a positive externality in the job market
  • Build an ecosystem for professionals and business owners.
Our vision
Our vision is to be the leading job matching platform in Africa and to become competitive in the international arena by the year 2030. We aspire to be the job market’s digital universe.